Wooden Horse is built on a robust mobile framework that gives us the capability to add and customize as many applications as your company might need.

Currently, we have over 40 turn-key field service mobility products in our library, with new instances being developed regularly to suit the diverse needs of our customer base. We’ve listed a few of our “greatest hits” below, or you can peruse our Platform Library for a comprehensive list of what we have to offer.

quick quote app avatar

Quick Quote & Tech Lead

Quick Quote produces a quotation for a customer on demand, eliminating and improving steps in the process, resulting in game changing contributions to your bottom line. Our app is guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement, with ROI within weeks of deployment.

Tech Lead takes the Quick Quote application one step further by allowing Field Service technicians to automatically turn a quote into a tech lead if the quote is above a pre-determined value. Tech Leads are automatically forwareded to Account Managers for distribution to the sales team, improving the relationship between sales and service.

Available for iOS, Android, and PC*

guru and guru plus app avatar

Guru & Guru+ (Video Call)

Allows Field Service Technicians to search for subject matter experts across their District in certain equipment, and EBS functions across all types and makes.

Users can text, email or call their colleagues from assistance directly from the application. Guru+ allows video calls for visual direction.

Other functions include tracking of searches and engagements by the Field Service Technicians by type and function.

Available for iOS and Android

parking ticket app avatar

Parking Ticket

Allows Users to photograph, scan, sign and produce court ready PDF affidavits for a variety of types of vehicle and parking ticket offenses for submission to office/paralegal.

Process eliminates paperwork requirements and downtime in office with submission of traditional paperwork. Can be applied for other purposes such as meeting compliance requirements for service paperwork.

Available for iOS, Android, and PC*

purchase order app avatar

Purchase Order Pad

Allows Field Service Technicians to complete, photograph, sign, produce and deliver PDF purchase orders where a credit card cannot be used. Sends copies to the main office purchasing along with breakouts to individuals handling items such as service, equipment, health & safety equipment, etc.

Eliminates missing paper purchase order pads, happens in real-time and avoids having to allocate purchases without customer assignment.

Available for iOS, Android, and PC*

tech license renewal app avatar

Tech License Renewal

Variance of Parking Ticket which allows Service Technicians to submit copies of their safety, licenses and other documentation plus track renewal dates for compliance.

Available for iOS, Android, and PC*

vacation scheduler app avatar

Vacation Calendar

Allows ASM’s and Operations staff to track and limit vacation days for their team on specific seasons, dates and holidays.

Ideal for Unionized teams who do not receive vacation pay but Dispatch needs to know availability.

Available for iOS, Android, and PC*

*Optimized for Chrome web browser

Our business approach is to build a long-term, strategic partnership with you – one that benefits your organization and your employees. We don’t just provide off-the-shelf apps, because one solution doesn’t fit all.

We’ll sit down with you and listen to your pain points, then craft a customized, unique mobile app solution that delivers the results you want. We’ll train your employees, tweak and customize on the fly as necessary – and provide support 24/7.

We’re fast, agile, responsive and efficient, because we know that time is money.

Your organization is unique, so your solutions should be as well.

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