"Wooden Horse is awesome. They helped us create a new function that [made] the process for technicians easier and gets larger opportunities in the funnel faster!"

The Wooden Horse Field Service mobility platform has helped clients increase their revenue, improve productivity, and standardize reporting company wide.

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Empowering Field Service Technicians to Generate Revenue

Field Service technicians are a client’s main point of contact. They provide service and deal directly with the client on an ongoing basis, they are uniquely poised to build and strengthen long-term relationships during the lifetime of the equipment. This means they are presented with numerous opportunities to provide immediate repairs and additional services, including parts, augmentations, additions to the system, and more.

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Mobile Apps can simplify and unify purchase order submission company wide

Field Service technicians aren’t always equipped for the task at hand. It’s often necessary to purchase tools, or materials in order to complete a job for a customer in a specified time frame, but when a purchase can’t be made on a credit card, a tech is required to get a purchase order to acquire the necessary materials.

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Field Service Applications Standardize Governmental Compliance

Government regulations are strict in regards to reporting repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, requiring detailed Ozone Depletion Tags to be filled out and attached at each inspection. Lost, misplaced, or incorrectly filed forms have become a common concern of HVAC companies who are subject to audit.

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Guru & Guru+ Improve Inter-Office Communication & Customer Experience

Field Service technicians working on unfamiliar equipment may find themselves faced with a problem or product they have never encountered or they simply need some advice.

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