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It’s been said that every company is a digital company – and increasingly, that digital culture is mobile. We provide Field Service mobility solutions for Field Service Teams to dramatically increase revenue, optimize cash flow and improve customer loyalty. Our proven solution has a track record of immediate results and game-changing contributions to your bottom line.

Our apps are client-centric, intuitively user-friendly, fully customizable, and scalable in real-time to meet today’s demanding customer and work environments.

Increased revenue generation

Improved Performance and productivity

reduced time to get jobs done

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

Real-time customer response

Improved employee connectivity and communication



The best apps – like our mobile business solutions – share a few critical things: they’re simple, intuitive and easy to use. And oh, yeah, they get results.

A common-sense, intelligent and facile user interface is critical to ensure easy adaptation by employees, because complex apps don’t get used – and in turn, your investment gets wasted.

Not only are our apps effortless to use – and look great – but we supply online training and 24/7 customer support. We’re literally always with you.

Field service mobility platform on your smartphone

A Powerful Platform

Slide whiteiphone-no-shadow Our platform supports multi-language capabilities, including English and French. Updates & Alerts Notifications of submissions & broadcast messaging directly to team members' devices. Team members can easily scan UPC & QR codes on materials & equipment for reporting. notification Digital Signatures Customers & team members can instantly sign from device screens, in-app or on web. fountain-pen Team members can support each other via video chat, email & text messaging while on the work site. Photo Submission landscape-image translation Our unique stand-alone solution is built on our tried and tested mobile application framework, which is highly suited to addressing the growing demand for fast, efficient, and affordable mobile applications that fit right into your current business model. Wooden Horse Software Inc. develops and implements mobile application solutions for legacy companies across Canada and the United States. Since conception, our signature mobile app solution has generated tens of millions of dollars in new revenue for our clients. Code Scanning Communications Multi-Language blackberry-qr-code-variant headphones Take, embed, & submit photos based on image, document & storage size requirements. Powerful field service mobility platform - wooden horse software arrow-4 arrow 1 arrow 3 arrow 1 arrow 3 arrow-4

solutions you need

results you want.

Our business approach is to build a long-term, strategic partnership with you – one that benefits your organization and your employees. We don’t just provide off-the-shelf apps, because one solution doesn’t fit all.

Your organization is unique, so your solutions should be as well.

With your specific pain points in mind, we can craft a customized, unique mobile app solution to deliver the results you want. We’ll train your employees, tweak and inmprove on the fly as necessary – and provide support 24/7.

We’re fast, agile, responsive and efficient  because we know that time is money.


Revenue Generation

Create & Manage Opportunities
Shorten The Sales Cycle
Improve Customer Relations
Industry Specific Solutions


Enforce Policies More Easily
Simple User Interface
Searchable & Auditable Data
Industry Specific Solutions

Improve Process

Reduce Expenses
Streamline Reporting
Real-Time Information
Eliminate Lost paperwork

Field-Level Support

Existing Team Member Support
Multiple Interaction Methods
Customizable Availability
Training Data

Driven Employees Deliver Results

Informed employees are happy employees, and happy employees are more productive, operate more efficiently, and with more confidence.  

With access to real-time resources – including experts across the company – they’ll have the power of your entire organization at their fingertips.

Increased earnings

Real-time access to experts

Improved productivity

Increased agility

Increased customer satisfaction

Improved communication



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