RoadWRX Powered by Wooden Horse

RoadWRX Powered by Wooden Horse

Wooden Horse Software aims to upgrade Municipal linear asset management with the release of RoadWRX mobile application. 

We’re pleased to announce the beta release of our latest mobile product, RoadWRX, a linear asset management solution, developed in conjunction with industry professionals. RoadWRX is a solution that seeks to improve and simplify the field reporting process to augment budgetary planning for Municipalities across Ontario. 

Small- to medium-sized municipalities interested in streamlining their budget and funding process are encouraged to contact us to join the beta program. 

Ontario municipalities are required to perform routine checks on roads throughout their jurisdiction on a regular basis. The current methodology requires technicians in the employ of the municipality or engineering firms to complete detailed field reports on the state of every road section, which can number in the thousands, and to provide a summary for budget forecasting. These reports are typically performed on spreadsheets or paper, with historical information only available in the office. 

The RoadWRX solution provides a cloud-based repository for road infrastructure data input with historical Section Summary (where available) for review when conducting field reports. Not only does this standardize the input of field data, but it also allows for a more objective analysis of road engineering maintenance, resurfacing & reconstruction requirements.

Also, features like watermarking road defect photos with GIS location data allow for future integration of AI/Machine Learning enhancements. The application also includes a top-level matrix for internal communications between all levels of the road management organization through the application, participants can email, text, call or video conference with senior road management advisors. Additional functionality includes tracking of searches and engagements by participants to further enhance training, skill development and resource management.

For more information about RoadWRX, or to join our beta program, visit RoadWRX online at, or contact the sales team at