An Eco-Friendly Mobile Solution

An Eco-Friendly Mobile Solution

There are unexpected benefits to providing your Field Service operators with a comprehensive and eco-friendly mobile solution

Our society has always been relatively invested in the overall health and well-being of the planet, but over the last decade, we seem to have become increasingly aware of the larger-scale impact of our day-to-day activities. It may be that changes need to be made on a global level, but the small measures we take today can have long-lasting effects that reach well into the future. Reducing your company’s carbon footprint may be as simple and mutually-beneficial as instituting a cost-effective eco-friendly mobile solution for Field Service management. 

If the recent protests and world-wide debate are any indication of “what the people want”, it’s safe to say that the people want environmental accountability and positive action from every level, individual to corporate and beyond. The idea of bringing your company in line with these desires may seem daunting – are you going to have to overhaul the entire way your business operates? Your action doesn’t have to be dramatic. Something as simple as deploying a Field Service mobility platform like ServiceApp, an eco-friendly mobile solution that is easily adoptable and easily adaptable, hits all the right notes when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.

  1. The right apps (like Parts Request and Parking Ticket) will help technicians cut back on the amount of time spent on the road. Driving is a huge part of the job for a field service tech, but along with wasting time and gas making essentially erroneous trips in the company vehicle, think of the emissions being pumped into the atmosphere with every journey too and fro. Field Service mobile solutions digitize the reporting process, meaning technicians can submit important paperwork or reporting from their remote location. No need to hop in the car and head from one spot to the next. This means your technicians have more time to work, you’re spending less money on gas, and the environment can breathe that much more easily with one less car on the road. 
  2. Mobile apps significantly reduce paper waste. Contracts, paperwork, receipts signed in triplicate. Field service mobile features like digital signatures and online forms mean that technicians don’t need paper to fill out their paperwork. Set up ahead of time, applications, forms, receipts, and more can be delivered to every interested party as soon as you click submit. Your supply closet will look a little slim, but the company purse (and all those trees) will be pleased it doesn’t have to dole out for more purchase orders, receipt pads, or other physical stationary you once kept in stock.
  3. The BYOD trend saves you from investing in more technology. Everyone loves technology, but it can be costly (on so many levels) to supply your Field Service team with a secondary device. The good news? Research shows the current workforce trend is for team members to use their own devices (BYOD) while engaging in workplace-related projects and activities (82% of respondents in this recent survey noted that mobile phones are critical to employee productivity). A product like ServiceApp that is compatible with Android, iOS, and web (and designed with data security and governance in mind), saves you from having to invest in new hardware. Since updates can be automatically pushed to the user’s device, you won’t have to swallow the cost of upgrading physical technology when something new hits the market. 

From saving you money to helping usher your business into the green age, the Wooden Horse Software platform is a powerful tool, tailor-made to suit Field Service technicians across various industries. Can you afford to miss out on a revenue-generating opportunity that’s better for your company and better for the environment? Contact us today to find out why ServiceApp is the eco-friendly mobile solution you’ve been looking for.