5 Reason Your Company Needs A Field Service Mobility Solution

5 Reason Your Company Needs A Field Service Mobility Solution

Your business has always done things a certain way but you’ve noticed that your employees are engaging fewer and fewer leads – what gives? There will always be room for tradition, but we’re living in a technologically advanced time and your company needs to stay up-to-date with advancements in order to remain competitive. 

It’s important for current employers to note that a large percentage of the workforce is already utilizing a mobile device for work-related activities, regardless of whether the device is personal or supplied by the company. In many cases, companies want to stay ahead of this trend to avoid “Shadow IT”, which poses a greater risk to security by increasing the vulnerability of sensitive corporate information that is available over unprotected mobile networks. 

A Field Service Mobility application, like Wooden Horse Software, proves a reliable, safe, and secure option for field service management looking to improve productivity and workplace flexibility, while also securing company data and maintaining integrity. 

Increased Revenue

More than half of the workforce is using a mobile device, why aren’t you taking advantage of the technology they already have in the palm of their hand? Field Service Mobility solutions quickly and efficiently increase revenue for companies by making it easier for their employees to do business, resulting in faster sales, providing more opportunities to engage with potential clients. 

There is also a substantial reduction in operational costs, especially where a company allows for employees to bring their own devices (BYOD), but fewer materials are required (i.e. paperwork) and there is a decrease in downtime. 

Improve Productivity

Mobile applications are modernizing traditional business practices in many ways, including by enhancing data accuracy and reducing the amount of time spent filling out paperwork and waiting for approval. A product like Purchase Order Pad can cut a technician’s time waiting for reimbursement in half, as copies are sent directly to the necessary parties for actioning.

Improve User Experience

Field Service Mobility simplifies the process of completing and filing paperwork for actioning, saving technicians valuable time. It’s also possible to provide additional features, like developing an Internal Support feature that can connect junior technicians with experienced employees for immediate remote assistance. This kind of “agility” can increase worker happiness, in a win-win for all involved. 

Better Communications

Text messages and phone calls can go ignored, but a Field Service Mobility application significantly increases instances of responsiveness between company and employees, or employees and colleagues. Solutions can include push notification and alerts that can be delivered to a specific user or groups of users, guaranteeing communications are received. 

Enhance Security

With employees already using mobile devices for work-related activities, a Field Service Mobility solution ensures data governance and security of sensitive or confidential information. 



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