Field Service Mobile Solutions Are Not One Size Fits All

Field Service Mobile Solutions Are Not One Size Fits All

When it comes time for your company to invest in a Field Service Mobility solution, do you know what you’re looking for?

As the face of the Field Service industry becomes mobile, your company needs to adapt in order to keep up with changing trends. Field Service Mobility solutions have truly improved over the last several years, and these advancements have streamlined communication and workflow of an increasingly mobile workforce. How can you leverage this existing technology to increase revenue and improve the process within your own business? By implementing a fully-integratable Field Service Mobile solution that simply enhances your current business practices, ensuring you remain successful in the long term. 

Determining which Field Service Mobile platform to invest in for your business is more than just choosing the brand with the slickest design. Does the product meet your company’s unique needs? Will it grow as you do? Are you required to purchase new devices, or does the platform integrate with existing tech? Can it provide customizable and detailed reporting? How secure is the data being shared over your network? Does the platform conform to industry standards and regulations?

Your ideal solution will speak to all of your needs in a way that is simple, effective, and, ultimately, user-friendly. 

Factors to consider

Significantly improve the process: The application in question should be able to provide this in a multitude of ways – i.e., a digital workflow means your company can save money on physical stationery, and on time spent filling out paperwork and waiting for approvals. 

Increase revenue generation: Field Service Technicians waste a lot of time waiting around for approvals to complete work. A Field Service Mobility solution provides a direct link for employees to automatically approve certain tasks and complete customer orders. Faster turnaround times mean Field Service Technicians are free to engage more opportunities for revenue generation. 

Comply with standards and regulations for reporting: Has your company suffered from the paperwork that has been filled out incorrectly, receipts and transactions that have gone missing, and other human errors that prove costly? A Field Service Mobile solution should standardize the reporting process, with all forms delivered to a central mailbox for record-keeping and actioning.  

Improve employee job satisfaction and effectiveness: Not only does an Field Service Mobile platform speak to technology that employees are already comfortable with and use on a regular basis, it can provide a direct link between Field Service Technicians in the field and support services for immediate and accurate support from senior colleagues who have previously signed on to assist with troubleshooting complicated issues remotely. 

Scalable: Whether you are planning on expanding to different jurisdictions or just engaging with new employees, the right Mobility solution will grow with you, easily allowing you to add new hires, roles, departments, and more as you need. 

Provide a strong focus on data security and governance: Visibility of information within your network is important to technicians and management, however, it needs to be completely secure and inaccessible by outside parties. A Field Service Mobile solution that places a premium on its security features should be at the top of your list. 

Additional features and applications: Your business is not a one-trick pony, and it would be a waste of money to invest in an application that can only streamline a single aspect of your workflow. A Field Service Mobile platform with additional features and add-on applications will prove as cost-effective as efficient, saving you time and money in the long run. 

A Field Service Technician is only as good as his tools, and implementing a robust Field Service Mobile platform, like Wooden Horse Software, within your organization will increase productivity, revenue, and employee and customer satisfaction with a seamless, easy-to-use experience that is completely tailored to your business. 

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